Crowdfunding 2020

Hi all Ski, Snowboard & Nepal enthusiasts! This time we need something from you. Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, our financing model collapsed. Fortunately, Sofie Lenarts, the first Belgian female seven summitteer, and Seppe Smits, Belgian Snowboarder and World Champion Medalist, set up a crowdfunding for us.

Your contributions will go directly to Nepal to support our grassroots work. We will maintain our office in Kathmandu, distribute more skitour gear around Nepal and organize trainings, competitions and explorations of new skitour/splitboard regions. Transparency is everything and we will let you know in detail, what we paid with your contributions. Moreover, you will recieve merchanidise suchs as T-shirts with our logo to share our story and spread the word. Check out the crowdfunding and support us today:

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